Friday, February 18, 2011

wet n wild

Some of my favorite lipsticks are from wet n wild. I think i have all of them except for one but this shade was the first 
one i bought and fell in love with!! 
If you don't want a  red lip but you still want a pop of color then this is the perfect lipstick!!
I have a lot of lipsticks and i cant wait to share them with yall!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

leopard shoes!

                                                                   IM ON THE HUNT
                                                           FOR LEOPARD SHOES

               I dont have animal print shoes,quite shocking because im a huge animal print fan especially leopard and zebra!SO IM ON THE HUNT for heels and flats very similar to these pictures!! I would wear leopard heels with either a all black or red dress.the flats i would wear with black skinny jeans and a cute top!! when i get myself a cute little pair ill post some pictures of me working it!!! xoxo